The Company

“Arista Solutions” is a single point supplier providing end-to-end solutions including consultancy in audio/visual surveillance, IT & communication networks, Digital Signage & Video Wall and Safety & security to its customers; creating effective and functionally integrated solutions based on latest technology. May it be safety – personal or chattels, surveillance – audio or visual, scanning & x-ray – body or baggage, Signage  – Indoor or Outdoor and Fixed  – Rental, addressable alarms & paging, deployment & networking, etc; we have the acumen to propose, provide, and present solutions.

Our dream

“A secure Pakistan – safety and tranquillity for all”

We at “Arista Solutions” have an excellent team of professionals, who have unmatched acumen and understanding of present-day security needs, bring along long years’ `experience in executing security for info-men-material. It is simply for that reason that we have covered years in leaps and created a place to reckon with in the corporate spread sheet.

Our Core Business

ARISTA Solutions offers a variety of solutions, like:-

  • Video Surveillance System (VSS) – IP based VSS, IR and Thermal Imaging, Video Wall
  • Communication Systems – network deployment – Fibre or Copper based
  • Information Technology – LAN & WAN
  • Security Systems – Audio/Visual, Personal Protection, Security of Premises, Detections – Scanner & X-Rays
  • Digital Signage – Indoor or Outdoor and Fixed or Rental

Organizational Structure

The Company was established under proprietorship laws and continue to function and grow smoothly and gradually. It has number of business partners working hand in glove extending strengths to each other.

how can we help you?

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